Hier findest du Informationen zu den Themen Safer Sex, HIV Tests, sowie Notfallinformationen und eine Liste mit Kliniken, welche eine PEP anbieten.

10. February 2022

Safer Sex 3.0

Safer Sex 3.0 is the name given to the three HIV protection methods
17. October 2018

Test Result

What to do if the test kit shows “positive”? Today a good life with HIV is possible. The self-test result must first be confirmed once again. […]
11. September 2018


In cooperation with the DAH and the RKI, man*Check awards the HIV self-test for home use. Learn more about the HIV self-test here.
28. July 2017

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Chlamydia, genital herpes, HIV - there is more than you think.
28. July 2017

HIV & AIDS Advice

Are you are looking for advice on HIV & AIDS? Here you can find help in Berlin.
21. June 2017


PEP Post-exposure prophylaxis It can happen that something goes wrong during safer sex. For example, condoms can tear or slip off. Sometimes they are simply forgotten […]
19. June 2017

HIV / STI tests in Berlin

Where can I get a free, anonymous HIV/STI test in Berlin?
27. November 2016

Sex accident

What to do if the condom is broken?
23. October 2016

Protection by using condoms

A condom, when used correctly, offers effective protection against HIV infection.
23. October 2016

Therapy as Prevention

Treatment as Prevention is an effective form of protection against a HIV-infection.
23. October 2016

Protection through PrEP

Pre-exposure prophylaxis is effective in protecting against HIV infection when used correctly.

Sexpraktiken & Fetisch

Hier findest du Infos zu Sexpraktiken und Fetischen. Achtung – hier werden explizit sexuelle Inhalte gezeigt.