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19. May 2023

Gay Health Chat

In the Gay Health Chat, man*check and others will answer your questions about sexuality and health - anonymously and free of charge.
14. July 2022


MPox/"monkeypox" are transmitted, among other things, through close physical contact. Vaccination can help!
28. July 2017

HIV & AIDS counseling

You are looking for HIV & AIDS counseling? Here you can find advice in Berlin.
28. July 2017

Substance use counseling

Looking for advice on substance use? Here you can find advice in Berlin.
28. July 2017

Discrimination Advice

Are you are looking for help with discrimination? Here you can find services in Berlin which can suppport you.
28. July 2017

Drug emergency

What to do in a (drug) emergency?
21. June 2017


PEP Post-exposure prophylaxis It can happen that something goes wrong during safer sex. For example, condoms can tear or slip off. Sometimes they are simply forgotten […]
19. June 2017

HIV / STI testing in Berlin

Where can I get a free, anonymous HIV/STI test in Berlin?
27. November 2016

Sex accident

What to do if the condom is broken?
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