10. February 2022


Liver inflammation caused by viral infection can be easily prevented by vaccination.
19. February 2020

Target groups

Older gays, Alternative scenes, Fetish scene, Internet, Youth, Men with migration background, Men who have sex with men, Parties clubs events, Disabled gays
9. May 2019


For some it may go clearly more intensively in the ass to the thing.
17. October 2018

Test Result

What to do if the test kit shows “positive”? Today a good life with HIV is possible. The self-test result must first be confirmed once again. […]
11. September 2018


In cooperation with the DAH and the RKI, man*Check awards the HIV self-test for home use. Learn more about the HIV self-test here.
2. August 2017

Become a manCheck volunteer

We need you to be on-site in the huge Berlin scene, wherever possible. Interested? - PLEASE NOTE: Because all our team meetings are in german language, it is necessary to understand German in order to become a volunteer at man*Check.
31. July 2017


You think you can have more intense sexual experiences by slamming?
31. July 2017


4-Methylmethcathinone (4-MMC) is commonly known as mephedrone. It is a research chemical ...
31. July 2017


Safety starts with you. By protecting yourself, you are also protecting your partners.