Safer Use

  •  Drink lots of water as cocaine deprives the body of fluids.
  •  Chop up the cocaine as finely as possible, use your own pipe without sharp edges, banknotes contain organotin compounds, which are highly toxic.
  •  Infectious diseases are transmittable through shared use of pipes (hepatitis C, HIV).
  •  Avoid poly use, it will strain the circulation even more.
  •  The effect of alcohol cannot really be perceived when using cocaine. One has the feeling of being capable of drinking more, which obviously is not true. So it often leads to overestimation of one’s own capabilities. Risk of alcohol poisoning, coma, and respiratory arrest.
  •  Perform a nasal douche after consumption.
  •  Try as far as possible only to buy from someone you know. That lowers the probability of you getting some bad substance palmed on you.
  •  When you consume, don’t drive your car, as your perception will be clouded when assessing a situation as being hazardous, you driver’s licence is also at risk, if you get pulled over by the police.
  •  Don’t consume alone, friends can intervene if it should come to an emergency.
  •  Cocktails, i.e. the mixture of cocaine and heroin, are an example of the combination of so-called antagonists (opponents) and at the same time a highly dangerous form of consumption. It can come to overdoses. Risk of respiratory arrest, heart failure.
  •  When injecting use your own utensils in order to avoid infectious diseases. Diseases are also transmittable through the filter, through the water, and the spoon!
  •  You have the feeling you have been consuming too much? Your local drug counsellors are happy to advise you!

Safer Sex

  • Coke can make you lose your inhibitions and increase the willingness to engage in unsafe sex. Through that the risk of infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases increases.
  •  The painkilling/anaesthetic effect seduces to longer and harder sex. This can when unnoticed lead to bleeding wounds.
  •  Coke can prolong your stamina. Caution: longer and harder sex also requires a condom – change the condom every 30 minutes.
  •  Sex and cocaine only work under mutual consent and trust. Clear beforehand which sexual practices both partners want and which not.
  •  Only consume so much that you still can defend yourself and still recognise your partner’s defence mechanisms. Caution: coke can also increase your aggressiveness during sex.
  •  Before getting down to business, get sufficient amounts of sex utensils (gloves, condoms, lubricant) ready.
  •  Pay attention to your body! If you notice any abnormalities, go to the doctor immediately. When having changing sex partners get tested for sexually transmitted diseases every 6 months and get vaccinated against hepatitis A/B.


HIV & Kokain

  • take drugs and HIV medicine temporally offset. That may be able to lessen the interaction a bit. Always dose drugs low when taken simultaneously with medicine. The night often turns long – bring enough medicine along and keep your intake times. Talk to your doctor about the interaction between your HIV medicine and intoxicants!
  • The combination of cocaine and Sustiva can lead to increased aggressiveness!
  • You will find information on interactions of substances and HIV drugs here..


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